Curriculum Sonata

It’s become so very trendy

To curriculum education;

And discuss just what we mean by it

It’s almost a vocation.

And we all have an opinion

On the shades of what we mean;

Curriculum as a concept . . .

Is a rich and endless seam.


So we mine it and discuss it

Wringing from it all we can;

But remember to assess it –

There has to be a plan.


There’s a right way and a wrong way

And it has to be enabling.

A curriculum as a model –

Has got to mean timetabling.

We’ve got to tell the students

And they’ve got to know the stuff;

Even if the journey there becomes a little rough.


So measure, don’t evaluate

Don’t permit them just to forage

The aim that we are seeking –

Is intellectual knowledge.

Iron out variety

Don’t talk and don’t think twaddle

The answer to the riddle?

One overarching model.

This is the way to do it

There is only one intent

No hidden implication

Do exactly what is meant.


Music isn’t about making.

You’re a learner, not a sculptor!

It isn’t about experience,

And it isn’t about culture.

Music isn’t about learning

From the mess of contradiction.

It’s really very simple

All you’ve thought ‘til now is fiction.


Curriculum for learners, hmm. . .

In music – you need sacks!

Stop playing now and pile them full

With lots of different facts

There’s crotchets and there’s quavers

There’s sharps and flats and notes

There’s metre, tempo, harmony

And lots of anecdotes

About music education and what it meant for me

The proper education

Of 1933.


Curriculum, curriculum is causing me despair!

There’s really so much talk of it,

I’m pulling out my hair!

But it can be so powerful

Unlocking the potential

On the journeys of young people;

The knowledge rain –


For when they come together

Musical identity

Isn’t just a concept,

It’s a wonderful complexity.

They’re learning from each other

It’s messy and exciting

Curriculum exploring

And fresh ideas igniting!


It’s very hard to document

Can’t quite get it down –

Which when I tell my manager

Sometimes can cause a frown.

It isn’t neat and tidy.

But it can open doors!

Perhaps it’s just too dangerous

Just like wild applause.


Music and curriculum;

Perhaps it would be wiser –

Forgetting all about it.

Use a

Knowledge Organiser.








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